A History of Success With Small Business Partnerships

Friday April 29, 2022

For decades, Hensel Phelps has been committed to small and minority-owned businesses. Rooted in the company’s values, Hensel Phelps approach to small business utilization is among the most comprehensive in the industry. They are dedicated to small business outreach and achieving the highest level of diverse businesses on each of the projects the company undertakes.

In honor of Small Business Week, Hensel Phelps would like to recognize the thousands of small business partnerships that have been a part of their success. Together, both Hensel Phelps and their small business partners have leveraged this success to expand into new markets and regions. These partnerships foster a greater connection with the communities in which we build by providing opportunities for small business participation.

From company leadership to field engineers starting their careers, Hensel Phelps reinforces the importance of supporting small businesses. Their people endeavor to establish new partnerships and continue to build on existing small business relationships nationwide.

Hensel Phelps has led the industry in designing small business programs that completely transform the relationship between large and small businesses on major construction projects. These efforts have helped small businesses do more than simply survive in the marketplace. Hensel Phelps’ small business programs help these companies develop the internal capacity needed to succeed on their own and grow over time. Hensel Phelps sees the partnerships with small businesses as an opportunity to create a path to their success. Through programs such as TAP and Head Start Bonding, Hensel Phelps helps their small business trade partners overcome challenges and roadblocks to exceed their goals and realize ambitions.

“Hensel Phelps walks the talk. They actually implement their goals for outreach and getting people work.”

Yvonne McClain, Chief Operating Officer of CMTS