A Lifetime Dedicated to Service – Always in Uniform

Wednesday May 11, 2022

To show appreciation and recognition to all our Hensel Phelps Veterans, National Guard and Reserve Members, one of our Northern California veterans, Sean Backes, designed a pin to acknowledge the idea of ‘Always in Uniform.’ The pins symbolize our veterans’ military service and where they are today with Hensel Phelps. It’s meant to serve as a representation of their continued commitment to integrity, honor, teamwork and community. In his own words, Sean describes the pin as:

“While coming up with the design for the pin I had to think of what ‘Always in Uniform’ meant to me and how do I show that visually on a pin. I think all of us who work for Hensel Phelps are Always in our Hensel Phelps uniform and us Veterans at Hensel Phelps are in a unique situation where we are always wearing both. The left side symbolizes our past in the military and as you move forward, we are now building America. While the military is in our past it will always be a core piece of who we are.”

Sean Backes, Marine Corps, Office Engineer