Changing the Face of Construction – Nichole Sterling

Monday March 8, 2021

Design Manager Nichole Sterling joined Hensel Phelps in 2006 after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Howard University. She began her career with the company at the Pentagon Renovation Wedges 2-5 project and her portfolio of work has grown to include over $4 billion worth of work. In addition to her role as a Design Manager, Nichole has supported the Mid Atlantic Project Development department to secure several landmark projects.

Hensel Phelps Q&A with Nichole Sterling:

Name: Nichole Sterling
Title: Design Manager
District: Mid Atlantic
Years with Hensel Phelps: 14 years
Project: WMATA Bladensburg
Fun/Random Fact: I have over 150 pairs of shoes. I stopped counting but I did not stop buying.

What does Women in Construction Week mean to you?

Acknowledging and celebrating the contributions, achievements, and advancements of Women in Construction. When we acknowledge and celebrate Women in Construction, we also encourage and support diversity within the industry and communities.

How can women support other women within the AEC industry?

Each one, reach one. Be a mentor to at least one individual in the industry.

Of the 5 Hensel Phelps Core Values (Ownership, Integrity, Builder, Diversity and Community) – which means the most to you?

Community. I believe to whom much is given, much is required. It applies to all aspects of my life including work-related endeavors whether working on design, procurement, or community service projects. My mentors have provided me with support or shared feedback and knowledge to help advance my career; therefore, I must provide support or share feedback and knowledge to others internal and external to Hensel Phelps.

What advice can you give young women entering the AEC industry?

To always be willing to try new avenues or career paths within the industry regardless of your background. If you are willing to learn, be challenged, and maintain open communication on your goals then new opportunities will always present themselves to grow and advance.

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