Hensel Phelps Board of Directors Announces Promotions

Monday June 6, 2016

The Hensel Phelps Board of Directors is proud to announce the promotions of Jerry Boat, Ryan De Lira, Keith Jester and Corey Sefcovic.

Gerald “Jerry” Boat has been promoted to Chief Estimator in the Western District. Jerry received his B.S. in building construction in 1986 at Purdue University before joining Hensel Phelps. In his first five years with the company, he gained extensive experience on federal projects in California, Arizona and North Dakota. For the next 16 years, he was part of the Southern California District, where he led teams on a variety of project types. Since the Western District opened in 2007, Jerry has taken on the roles of SE and preconstruction manager. His dedication and hard work have been a cornerstone of his success during his 30 years with Hensel Phelps.

Ryan De Lira has been promoted to Operations Manager in the Southern California District. After graduating from Illinois State University, Ryan began his career with Hensel Phelps at the Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino. Over the course of his career, Ryan has been involved in 12 Hensel Phelps projects exceeding $800 million in value. As a PM, Ryan led the successful completion of the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, P750 Helicopter Maintenance, AD&T Preconstruction, P229 Weapons Test Facility and the Lane Field North Hotel.

Keith Jester has been promoted to General Superintendent in the Southern California District. As a graduate from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Keith began his career at Hensel Phelps as an FE. Over his 24 years with Hensel Phelps, Keith has helped complete over $900 million in projects, including the San Diego Hall of Justice, Scripps Research, and the St. Regis Hotel. Keith is an exceptional builder who excels at executing self-work while keeping all workers safe and delivering the highest quality product to our clients.

Corey Sefcovic has been promoted to General Superintendent in the Plains District. Corey joined Hensel Phelps in 1996 after graduating from Colorado State University and has worked on projects totaling over $1 billion, including the San Diego Hilton, Denver Justice Center, and the History Colorado Center. Currently, he is overseeing the 40-story high-rise 1144 15th Street project in downtown Denver. His positive demeanor and work tenacity are greatly appreciated by all those who work with him.