HENSEL PHELPS Supports Water Project(s) in Niger

Wednesday August 21, 2013

HENSEL PHELPS personnel in the Southeast District have raised funds to provide the seed water well for the WIN Fund in Niger which results in a total four water wells for the people of Niger.  Imagine that the only water available to your community is contaminated river water and you have to walk six hours every day to replenish your supply. For us that live in the U.S. where clean water is available at the turn of a handle, the thought of this is unfathomable but it’s a fact of life for the majority of people in Niger, Africa.

John Trull, Founder of the WIN Fund and a former Hensel Phelps employee, challenged the Hensel Phelps Southeast District to raise the funds needed to one well in the impoverished country.  As a result of the Hensel Phelps Southeast District personnel commitment and contributions, the challenge was met.  The donation to the WIN Fund were then matched by World Vision and furthe doubled by the Conrad Hilton Foundation, allowing for not one, but four more wells for the people of Niger.  That’s quite a ripple effect!