Fawcett Elementary School Replacement

About the Project


The Fawcett Elementary School project in Tacoma, WA includes the design and construction of a replacement elementary school on the existing site of the current school. The project includes demolition of the existing 64,000 SF facility and construction of a new 55,000 SF two-story building to house approximately 400 students. Delivered in partnership with Tacoma-based design firm BLRB Architects, the progressive design-build project provides a new parking lot, covered and paved play areas and an all-purpose field. Fawcett presents challenges related to the fast-track construction of the new facility on the small, 5.6-acre site that has sloping topography and is surrounded by dense, single-family residential neighborhoods on all sides. The project uses signage as teaching moments throughout the building. Examples include entry art that welcomes students in over ten languages and a timeline of the history if Tacoma.

The Hensel Phelps and BLRB team worked closely with Tacoma Public Schools to increase both local business participation from 30% to 54% and overall business equity inclusion goals.

Quick Facts

  • Location Tacoma, WA
  • Client Tacoma Public Schools
  • Architect BLRB Architects
  • Industry Education
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Delivery Method Design-Build
  • Completion Date July 2023
  • Duration 28 Months
  • Square Footage 55,000 SF

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