Dedicated to Your Business

Hensel Phelps is dedicated to small business outreach and achieving the highest possible level of diverse business on each of the projects our company undertakes. As a leading general contractor within the industry, it is important that we set an example. Our professionals are accountable for the implementation of this corporate commitment and work hard to customize an overall outreach plan to reach small and emerging businesses in our preconstruction, purchasing and construction efforts. Not only do we host and attend outreach events for the small business community, but we also solicit opportunities for these contractors. We help small businesses work more efficiently internally and with larger subcontractors through prequalification and creating, managing and unbundling (when feasible) scopes of work to attract the best opportunities. Hensel Phelps also holds numerous networking events related to existing and upcoming procurements. These events are designed to reach out to local small business communities, elected officials, and the surrounding neighborhoods as a whole.

“As a large general contractor, Hensel Phelps understands the impact small businesses have on the construction industry and our local economies. We’re committed to enhancing these companies and the highest possible level of diverse business inclusion on each of our projects.”

– Mike Choutka, President & Chief Executive Officer

Brad Lewis, our Corporate Director of Supplier Diversity, works with his team and directly with leadership in each of our regional offices to assure that we not only comply with client objectives regarding subcontractor participation, but that we make every effort to support these small subcontractors’ growth through mutually beneficial partnerships. The end goal is to foster a healthy, competitive local business community where we all can thrive.

Small Business Programs

Technical Assistance Program

Our company’s Technical Assistance Program (TAP) is an annual presentation that offers practical support to small business subcontractors with whom Hensel Phelps does –or is seeking to do- business with. Presenters from our procurement and estimating groups, safety, quality control and project management collaborate with our Supplier Diversity professionals to provide a training presentation detailing key contact personnel within the firm, policies, procedures and project expectations –the focus being on fostering a successful and profitable experience working with Hensel Phelps.

TAP addresses many areas where small and minority-owned businesses need our help. These include:

  • Scheduling and manpower analysis
  • Safety program review and evaluation
  • Quality control program review and evaluation

During this presentation, Hensel Phelps also proactively trains small businesses to ensure appropriate cash management. This is achieved through the following methods:

  • Assisting with Schedule of Values for payment requisitions to help small business maintain positive cash flow
  • Formulating joint checks with second-tier subcontractors and suppliers
  • Using bi-weekly payment when needed to help fund payroll

All of the material covered is organized around a central goal of helping these contractors work successfully with Hensel Phelps on our projects –thereby promoting overall growth, and providing new opportunities for the participants.

Bonding Assistance Program

Hensel Phelps understands that as a small business, there may be challenges associated with acquiring appropriate bonds and commercial insurance. To assist, Hensel Phelps has established relationships with specialized companies across the country to provide our Small Business Trade Partners with Bonding Assistance. These trusted relationships aim to break down barriers for small businesses by providing solutions unique to each individual business’s case.

Our Surety Bonding partners currently include:
The Barbour Group – Westminster, Maryland (Head Start Bonding Program Partner)
Merriwether & Williams – Los Angeles, California
Florida Surety Bond – Maitland, Florida
Guignard Company – Longwood, Florida

To learn more about our Bonding Assistance Programs or becoming a surety bonding partner please contact Brad Lewis, Corporate Director of Supplier Diversity, for more information.

Emerging Trade Partners Program

The Hensel Phelps’ Emerging Trade Partner small business program is a two-year program based in our Mid Atlantic Region that is focused on engaging opportunity-ready, small and minority-owned businesses and identifying capacity building opportunities with Hensel Phelps. Participants of the program receive direct one-on-one business development and project support in an effort to build relationships with project team members and to communicate best practices for a successful project experience.

Interested in learning more about our Emerging Trade Partner program or looking to start a program in your area? Contact Brad Lewis at for more information on how you can participate in our Emerging Trade Partner program.